A Magical Harry Potter Themed Bachelorette

by magnolialanecreative


I think it is safe to say that in my family Harry Potter has always been a favorite and for my sister, quite the obsession. We never missed a book release party, midnight movie release and have even hosted harry potter birthdays over the years. When Sarah got engaged last year, we knew that a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party would be the perfect way to celebrate her transition from muggle to Mrs.

We wanted to go for a tri-wizard tournament /Weasley wedding style soiree with furnished tents & loads of twinkle lights. In order to keep the party from feeling like a child’s birthday we added a potions style bar, and took our favorite harry potter elements and turned them into adult themed games.

Decor details:

Warner brothers had an awesome DIY for floating candles -so we made a few dozen for our great hall.

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To add some Hogwarts spirt to the tents we made yarn tapestries in each of the house colors to run down the center of the main tent. We also crafted some mandrake cupcakes & made some minor adjustment to the bathroom…

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We started the night by sorting all attendees into the four houses as teams for the games we had planned. Prior to the event we added a drop of food coloring to the bottom of shot glasses; each person picked a shot glass and was then poured a vodka shot to kick off the evening and find out which house they were sorted into.

Games included, quidditch pong, pin the wand on the wizard, scavenger hunt, ring of fire harry potter edition and a drunk defeat the dementor challenge. We turned a beer pong table into quidditch pong by adding 3 hoops; dowel rods with circles of cardboard tubes hot glued on top and painted gold. We created a dementor piñata and stuffed him with bachelorette appropriate swag including panties &  mini liquor bottles.

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It was a wonderful evening and Sarah was beyond thrilled that we were able to bring one of her favorite childhood fantasies to life in bachelorette form.sparklerspartydarkmark2


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